National Kidney Cancer Patient Survey 2021

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Welcome to the eighth year of the United Kingdom's only annual kidney cancer patient survey. 
Thank you for agreeing to take our annual survey, your participation is greatly appreciated. This is an important and vital survey as gathering a broad range of patient experiences and issues allows us to continue to focus on delivering positive changes and support for patients and their families across the UK. Gathering this information annually allows us to build a long-term picture of the kidney cancer patient experience and how it has changed over the last seven years. The insights you share with us will help us target our resources to provide the very best support to you and your loved ones throughout your journey.
  • This survey should be completed by or on behalf of a kidney cancer patient, regardless of the stage of their journey.
  • The questions are all tick box or multiple choice with options to leave comments on certain questions.
  • The whole survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. 
  • All questions require answering but there are 'NA' (not applicable) box options to tick so you can move on if a question is not applicable to you.
  • Not all sections may apply to you, for instance if you've not had surgery or are not on drug treatment, and if you answer 'no' you will be skipped through that section to save time.
  • Please ensure you complete the survey through to the very end.  
We are very grateful for your support in taking part in this important survey.
Thank you.

*This survey is confidential, no personal information is made public or shared in any form with third parties, we will not contact you unless you specifically give us your consent.
About You
1.Are you a patient (current or past) completing this, or are you a carer/ family member completing this survey on behalf of a patient?
2.Is the patient male or female?
3.Which age bracket are you in?
4.How is or was your treatment funded?
5.What type of work did you do up to the time of your diagnosis?
(tick all that apply)
6.How are you completing this survey?
Where do you live? (this is broken into each UK country)
7.Which Country do you live in
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